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Eliza Vaughan

Seeking relatives of Eliza Vaughan

kiki woodComment

Finchingfield Guildhall is planning to reproduce some of the sketches and writings of Eliza Vaughan and we want to get in touch with her relatives. 

She came to Finchingfield in 1864 as the one year old daughter of Matthew Vaughan when he was appointed Vicar of Finchingfield Parish. At that time she had six brothers. Her father died after 25 years in charge of the Parish and she and her mother moved to Kelvedon.

In 1895, after her mother died, she moved to Rayne where she set about writing 4 books.

We want to contact her family and would appreciate any information that might help in this or if you know anything about her.

please get in touch through our contact page.


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